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What are the steps to create my private label hair care brand?

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Everything starts with a consulting call, telling us your desired products and needs.

Sample preparation and confirmation:

Any product will be customized according to your choice of formula, statement, label design, packaging, and budget.

Contract drafting:

Produce bulk goods according to confirmed sample standard. we have 100% quality assurance, and will not cut corners.

Production and packaging:

Order raw materials and bottle capacity according to requirements. After passing the test and passing the test, it will enter the assembly line, fill the material body, label, and pack.


The products have been produced and will undergo a final round of stability and functionality testing to ensure the quality and safety of each batch of products.


Your product is now ready to be shipped! , and we guarantee on-time delivery.

In today’s highly competitive hair care product market, how to create a unique and successful hair care brand has become the focus of many entrepreneurs.

1.Provide free design of hair care product brands

✅1. Understand brand positioning:
Before you start designing, make sure you know who your target audience is and how your product will meet their needs.

✅2.Find the right manufacture:
We are a haircare product manufacturer that has been in business for 20 years. We have a professional design team that can connect with you and help you create a distinctive brand image. You can get free brand design services to ensure your hair care products have a unique look and packaging in the market.

2.Create your own hair care line – private label products

✅1. Select the appropriate product type:
Depending on your target audience and market needs, choose the appropriate type of hair care products, such as shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, etc. Make sure your product meets the various needs of different people.

✅2. Develop high-quality products:
KQ hair care product manufacturer ensures that your products are of reliable quality, safe and harmless, and meet market standards. By cooperating with our professional R&D team, you can get professional technical support and innovative product formulas.

3.Customized hair care products

✅Our team can provide consumers with a unique hair care experience by providing personalized formulas, fragrances, packaging and more, thereby standing out in a highly competitive market. technical support and innovative product formulas.

4.Grow your private label retail business

✅1. You choose appropriate retail channels, such as offline stores, e-commerce platforms, etc., and partners, such as hair salons, beauty salons, etc., to sell and promote your private label hair care products.
✅2. Also make sure your products are priced appropriately and offer offers and packages that appeal to consumers. This will help you attract more consumers and increase product sales and visibility.

We are extremely flexible in the production of hair care products, constantly upgrading and developing partnerships with customers, our team audits our contract manufacturing services and development process to ensure that we provide you with the best course of action.

Providing full Turnkey top-of-the-line Contract Manufacturing Services for you.

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