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Our principles include providing safe and effective quality products, using natural and organic ingredients, and creating cost-effective private label hair care products that satisfy customers. Furthermore, we are environmentally conscious and employ sustainable practices in the production process.

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Types and styles of hiarcare products

private label shampoo

Haircare shampoo

Our Haircare manufacturer make products that ​remove dirt and oil from your hair while infusing it with nourishing ingredients to give you confidence and healthy hair. From nourishing shampoo, leave-in shampoo, oil control shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo, argan shampoo and more, we’ll unveil the mysteries of private label shampoo and discover the power and beauty contained within them.

Hair conditioner

Our hair conditioner is uniquely formulated, rich in natural plant extracts and vitamins and other nutrients, safe and non-irritating, designed to provide comprehensive maintenance and repair for your hair.

private label conditioner

Hair Keratin Treatment

It can make hair naturally straight, repair damaged hair, brazilian keratin, hair straightening cream, botox keratin treatment, waiting for you to customize.

hair wax

Keratin Queen Cosmetics hair care manufacturer creates hair care styling gels, pomades, hairsprays to give hair a more textured look and allow you to change your hairstyle all day long.

private label hair wax
private label hair perfume

Hair perfume spray

Our private label hair perfume uses selected natural plant extracts. It is not just a perfume, it quickly eliminates the odor of the hair. At the same time, it has the function of caring for the hair, nourishing the hair, increasing the luster and softness of the hair.

hair oil serum

Our all-natural hair oil provides hydration to prevent breakage and split ends and provide a healthy sheen to your hair. It also works to tame flyaways and frizz.

hair dye

Hair Dye

Are you ready to revolutionize your hair coloring routine? Upgrade your hair care routine with our Hair Dye Shampoo and experience the ultimate in convenience and performance. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair and hello to vibrant, salon-worthy color!

private label hair products

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Orther private label haircare & skincare products

The following are the products of our own brand “keratine queen” for your reference and selection, samples can be sent to you for testing for free, whether you are a brand customer or a start-up, wholesaler, online retailer, salon shop, we the team looks forward to working together to create hair care products that delight your customers.